A few words and a picture can make us unusually excited.

This seemingly pointless image I saw tweeted by @whatatroy last night is an example of this. For those of you that don’t know, Marble Hornets is a horror series on YouTube loosely based on Slenderman myths told through short little video clips ranging from a less than a minute to over 20 minutes long. That series ended 2 years ago and since the guys that did that series have started a new horror series called clear lakes. Now what makes this image so interesting you ask?

Nothing. It is just Troy (one of the directors and writers) posting and un-spoilery screenshot for the next entry in their series that will come out very soon. This is cool and important as they don’t post a release schedule, sometimes we get an entry every week sometimes its a month or more in between. This single post style is pretty much the only announcement fans of their work ever receive, and its awesome.

For class we read The Art of Live-Tweeting where Long comments about how there are several types of tweets that can contribute to a conversation. Likewise there even more styles of tweets that serve an even wider variety if purposes. For example, the tweet I discuss above is a hype tweet, serving no other purpose but to give fans something they want, drop the mic, and then carry on. But tweets can hold so much more power than that. This Entrepreneur article discusses tactics to use twitter to network for a business and bring in clients or customers. BBC goes hashtag-by-hashtag to show how things in our life ranging from politics to the arts to activism have been drastically influenced by twitter. Twitter is one of the most incredibly multi-purpose services I have ever seen, which perhaps is why I have never used my twitter account particularly much.

Its mind blowing to me that I could continue to just twitter about nonsense and retweet random interesting things I find with some of my take on them, or I could expand my twitter in the future as I move on to bigger and better things. What do you think? Is twitter this incredible multi-tool with infinite potential or is it just a weird site with too many @ signs and #’s.


5 thoughts on “#UnbridledPotential

  1. I definitely think that Twitter has enormous potential to be used in many different ways, both productively and unproductively. I think that this is one of the reasons that Twitter has become so popular in recent years. I believe that to many Twitter became that all purpose tool without the distractions that are a part of everyday use of Facebook and other systems. The simplicity of Twitter allows for people to have a very simple tool without any overwhelming distractions.


  2. I think twitter is a pretty incredible service. Although it is largely used for pop culture and relatable ideas for the younger generations it has also become a never ending well of political, social and worldwide information! You open twitter and you are immediately updated on the most current events.


  3. In my opinion, twitter is a great use of a multi-tool and it does have a lot of potential. I use twitter every single day to get information about people I know or other topics I care about. I do not necessarily tweet much anymore, but I still find twitter valuable to gain information from certain topics that are important to me.


  4. Twitter really is becoming an incredible platform that makes it quite the multi-tool for dispensing information. I think that is the exact reason that Twitter has become so popular. Anyone can adapt it to their purposes. In fact, last year I used twitter to connect with an entrepreneur and had a chance to work with him as a result.


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