Don’t educate with Texas

These meme’s are definitely pointed more in the direction of those who have been following the events in Texas and are pointing fingers at the education system for responding so badly to a genuine interest in learning. There are bigger issues at play also in this but I am taking a somewhat naive approach to discuss something here that is still very relevant, as education should be important to everyone, and while the humor of Big Ben scaring Texas into thinking they have some ultimate weapon is there, the other memes are a bit more serious. We discussed in class that one large reason there are these misconceptions about digital writing and tech in general is that it is largely untaught due to the assumption that we and our younger humans have been born and raised in it. These events in Texas very much remind of this issue. A 14 year old wanting to share his clock that he made with his engineering teacher should be something that excites us, makes us proud that kids want to learn. Instead I am left feeling like my second my meme, feeling very “Really now?” about the whole situation. Perhaps I would be less mad if the schools President had apologized instead of bringing up code of conduct rules and how this was a learning example for the entire student body. Which brings me to my third meme. I love philosiraptor, it speaks to me, and I feel it does a good job with my desire to convey that it is so ridiculous that so many turn blind eye to how the education system has these problems until something ridiculous like this occurs.


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