Live Tweeting

Guild Wars 2 hype

This was a different sort of event, the progression of it didn’t really begin to build until the last hour/hour and a half when the developers and team members started to participate in more active release activities. That said tweeting the event was fun, it made me pay more attention to some of the talks than I probably would have otherwise would have and I think it made me think a bit more about ArenaNet as I went through the release live tweeting. Live tweeting I could definitely see being more suited to rewards shows, sports games, large things that have a progression since Twitter is incredibly good at quickly allowing people to post updates to an event. This release in retrospect was probably not as well suited to live tweeting, especially since it was a stream where the intent was for users to potentially zone out a bit and pay less attention, and for live tweeting that is something you cannot really afford to do to make meaningful or interesting live tweets.


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