How loud is a like?

What can we do to help? That’s a common question in today’s world where so many awful things happen on the day-to-day. As I said in my last post a lot of things we see get ignored, most things just don’t interest us to pay attention for the five minutes it would take to read about something that we could help with, and even if we did read something and like or share it as we watched and read for Tuesday this is not necessarily going to help a issue at all. That said, it doesn’t hurt to be interested in something. For a lot of people liking or sharing is all they can do due to their situation, cause you can’t really ask a 17 year old to fly over to Africa for a protest or for a parents to donate tons of money to their favorite charity when they have kids to take care of. In this text by Nathan Teske at the top of page 32 he looks at the question, “Why would someone want to do that all the time?” He looks at it from the both the confused and admiring side of things. To many it would be great if they could help out and go actively join a the movement that they support or donate a few thousand dollars every year to something they care about, but many just can’t.

That said as we saw in the Jenkins reading, those willing to do simpler things and participate in social media can be more likely to become more and more active as their lives go on and as they acquire more time. If we really like something we will pursue it, its part of being human. For every human being that is too lazy to do anything at all there is someone else who is just waiting to get out of school or to retire so that they can spend the rest of their lives helping people or contributing a cause.

So are people really just so desensitized that they don’t want to help or are people just “slacktivists”? Or are many just waiting to find the time and cause that they want to dedicate themselves to?


3 thoughts on “How loud is a like?

  1. Wow, this is pretty good! You had one grammatical error where forgot to take out a “the” in the first paragraph, but other than that your piece was grammatically sound. The ideas are also strong. I ran into the same ideas when thinking of my activist idea. I was initially doing the Akon – lighting Africa project. As I thought about it more and more, I ran into the problem that Americans would most likely not be pulled in such a passionate way to where they would want to/could afford to travel to Africa and help. Their only form of participation would be donations and awareness campaigns. Both of those are great, but they do not normally evoke highly concentrated amounts of participation. As to your question, I do think people are slightly desensitized to what problems are occurring around us and that we often tend to hit the “like” button or share the post out of guilt and not true advocacy.


  2. I think that many people want to help, but for global issues it can be hard to get involved. However, I also think that people have become desensitized to organizations asking for money, because that has become extremely common in our digital age. Back to people wanting to help. Like you said, not everyone has the money to donate or the ability to travel to the other side of the world. In addition many big name charities are hard to become a part of outside of social media if you cannot do the above mentioned things. However, I think that many people are not slacktivists and are active in their communities when they can be.


  3. I really like your post and think that it brings up some good points. I found your statements about young people sharing things because they don’t have the ability to do anything else interesting. I hadn’t really thought about this before. I do think that you are right that often that share or like is the most that some people can do. My hope is that the reading was right and that these people do become contributors when they are able to do so. I also hope that the ability to see such movements at such a young age today doesn’t make people complacent from saturation to the point that they never actually help out with anything they see.


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