Advocacy Project

  1. The purpose of my project is going to be to raise awareness about the dangers of prolonged computer usage and the importance of good computer postures and practices. Specifically I am going to target what I know which is other software developers, writers, gamers, and general audiences who spend more than 3 or 4 hours on a computer per day. Additionally I want to focus on a sort of age 15~ to age 30 audience as I feel I can most easily relate and focus media at this range, though a goal would be to potentially push farther than that since much of this topic is very universal to any computer user.
  2. I am currently between a video graphic, an infographic, and a narrated video graphic. The idea behind these styles is that the primary thing I want to do is convey information and the very basic ideas behind starting to mitigate potential problems.
  3. This is where I will need to work harder, but I think I will spread it by dropping it in community’s that it would be relevant. Reddit communities for example are one idea I have thought about due too the relative friendliness towards user content that exists there and the amount of computer related communities Reddit has.
  4. I think I may need help find other places to take this to spread, I also am not for sure whether I should put more focus into the potential problems or the solutions, or equal of both. Right now there are not many questions, but I’m sure there will be as the project matures.

One thought on “Advocacy Project

  1. Ugh. I’m reading this as I’m hunched over on the couch with my laptop wobbling on my lap. I can totally see the need for this advocacy project! I think visual is the way to go–I’m wondering how to capture people’s interest when you spread it. Certainly whatever you create will have practical value, but is there a way to tie emotion into it? Humor? Fear? Inspiration?

    I also wonder if there are hashtags that you could use to your advantage. I bet there’s some kind of ergonomic awareness group out there!


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